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Sea Food Mix (800g)


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Seafood mix, great for a paella or seafood poitjie.
Ingredients: Mussel meat, crab flavoured bites containing fish (Surimi,35% Fish), Wheat starch, Egg white, Modifies tapioca starch, Salt soya protein, Colza oil, Soya oil, Seasoning, Mirin Crab extract,(Crustacean), Firming agent(Calcium carbonate),Crab flavouring, Colours,(Cochineal, Paprika extract), Surimi contains textured white fish protein, Sugar, Humectant(Sorbitol), Stabalisers(Polyphosphates), Seasoning contains Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Salt,Sugar, Maltodextrin, Crab extract(Crustacean), Clam extract(Mollusc), L-alanine,Flavour enhancer(Disodium 5 ribonucleotide), Glycine, Crab extract contains Crab Extract(Crustacean), Water, Maltodextrin, Salt, Sugar, Glycine, Flavour enhancers(Disodium guanylate: Succinicacid), Octopus, shrimp.
Storage Instructions: Keep frozen below 18 ° ( do not refreeze after defrosting)

Allergens: Fish; Crustacean
*Although every attempt is made to remove all the bones, caution must be practised when eating fish.

Serving 100g per serve

Kilojoules placeholder 540kj
Calories placeholder 7192cal
Protein placeholder 113g
Carbohydrate placeholder 0g
Fat placeholder 1.8g
Cholesterol placeholder 152mg
Sugar placeholder 6g
Fibre placeholder 0 g
Sodium placeholder 744mg
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